How twisted life is

I found this day my daily intake of tea is replaced by warm honey and lemon, it’s not like I get lemon in my life then make lemonade out of it. This night is not different, in this dimmed lit room accompanied by warm liquid of honey and lemon I start my contemplation. You may call it the end of year contemplation, but it’s just me romanticising everything (just like always).

It started a couple of minutes ago, woke up in the middle of the night realising that I slept before taking Isya pray. Had planned to get quick shower but end up with an hour empty gazing into tub full of water, thinking how generous god to me lately or to be exact in my entire life.

Born into lovely family who support me, giving good break, reminding and keeping me as a normal human doing human thing. Well loves are loves, they come from everywhere and everything, and family always come first. All of loves I have was started from this little family of four, even though I never particularly close to my mother or father or my sister but I love them. It will sound cheesy, well I know they are there and being my home to me, a place I call “pulang”.

But I realise that life is not only about your first loves, it’s also first hates, first love outside your family and the loves you feel right this second. And all of that are always being the force pushing me through my days, being lemon at not so good day and being honey at the sweet day.

It all come slowly right? Your peaceful day to day you take for granted into full realisation of how twisted life is. I thought 9 years ago I understand it, 5 years later I thought how naive I was that day and now I think I understand how twisted life is. You can be so happy, so angry, so lonely, so graceful, so regretful, feeling being loved then feeling so lonely in other day, and name other thing you can imagine. I even felt sadness in the middle of my happiness, fearing the happiness will come to end. Like when you watch very beautiful movie and realising that the film will end eventually.

Started 4 years ago I like to fill my room with therapeutic aroma, this day I like to use two drops of Kamboja Essence with full bowl of Cajuput Oil. This night the scent feels so warm, the honey starting to kick in and the music just smoothing the feeling, now I’m ready to take another year ahead.

Then let’s see what it will bring, will my understanding of life remain the same, who knows.


Be like a pencil

I love one of Paulo Coelho’s article about pencil

Be like a pencil which has 5 quality :
First quality, pencil is capable doing many great things, but is up to the hands which use it. For this point I disagree with Paulo about God’s Hand, Paulo wrote that God’s hand will guide us as a pencil. But for me we must guide our self with God’s help.

Second quality, we must use sharpener periodically, it makes pencil suffer a little. We must learn to bear sorrows and pains for a while, afterward it makes us sharper and ready to continue our journey.

Third quality, pencil always allows erasing out any mistakes. It means that correcting our mistake is not a bad thing to do.

Fourth quality, the most important part of pencil is not the wooden exterior but the graphite inside. So don’t make too much effort to cover bad things inside us but try to correct it as much we can.

Fifth quality, pencil always left marks. So we must conscious that everything we do have consequence, positive or negative.

Browsing Hemat pake HP

Temen-temen mobile yang doyan berbrowsing ria tentu sudah nggak asing lagi dengan Operamini. Dengan operamini dijamin deh pulsa anda nggak akan ngos-ngosan dalam nglayani nafsu anda. Wah apalagi operamini cepet banget, nggak terasa kalau kecepatan gprs kita cuma sampe 3kbps aja.

Memang operamini mempunyai cara kerja yang keren. Saat kita membuka website tidak secara langsung file dikirim ke hp (seperti browser bawaan Hpe) tetapi dikirim ke server operamini dulu untuk di olah lagi. Pengolahan yang dilakukan pada mesin server mereka yang paling menonjol adalah mengompress file yang kedua mengubah layout halaman agar pas di layar hp kita.

Karena cara kerjanya itulah halaman web yang semula bisa 23 kb jadi cuma 3 kb. Dan menurut itungan bodoh aku kita bisa hemat transaksi gprs kita. murah meriah cepet dan fiturnya lengkap pula. Tapi inget hp anda harus mendukung java.

Slax manis banget

Udah pernah denger slax belum. Distro ini bisa dikatakan sebagai pahlawan live-cd berbasis slackware. Yap karena dengan script yang dibuat developer slax banyak bermunculan berbagai livecd lain seperti wolvix. Slax juga memberikan fitur yang memungkinkan anda menambah aplikasi walaupun dalam kondisi berjalan pada mode livecd. Fitur ini didapatkan dengan cara menambahkan module yang dapat didownload dari situs resminya ataupun anda bisa membuat sendiri.

Module yang disediakan oleh developer slax sangat banyak dan dibedakan menjadi beberapa kategori (total ada 15 kategori). Memang slax sangat menyenangkan, mulai dari documentasi yang baik dan sederhana, tampilan yang (menurut saya) manis dan simple ditambah fitur yang menarik.

ini hasil comot dari documentasinya:

Slax 6 is small

Slax has participated in development of so called sqlzma patches; the code implements 7-zip compression (LZMA) into squashfs filesystem. Moreover, squashfs evolved by the time and it now supports bigger block sizes than before. The combination of these two enhancements makes Slax one of the best-compressed operating systems in the history.

All Slax modules are much smaller than any other compressed packages available nowadays for all other Linux distributions, while the speed of decompression remains usually faster than reading the full data from disk.

Slax 6 is portable

Thanks to the AUFS filesystem, the read-only part of Slax (system data and modules) is overlayed by a writable filesystem. You can modify all areas of the filesystem in Slax without any restrictions. Your changes to the read-only parts are transparently copied to the writable branch and stored in memory or in a persistent directory on your disk or even flash drive. Slax is designed to autodetect whether it runs from a writable media, and if that is detected, Slax will save all your changes there automatically.

In Slax, you are not limited to just a persistent home directory – the whole root filesystem is fully writable, so we talk about ‘persistent changes’ (rather than about ‘persistent home’, known from other live distributions). You can modify /bin/bash the same way like ~/kderc.

Slax 6 is feature rich

XWindow system, KDE desktop with K-Office, Internet browsing, e-Mail, Instant messaging, CD/DVD burning and ripping, Audio and Video encoding, Multimedia players, all and even more is included in Slax.

Slax 6 is multilingual

There are official releases of Slax in 28 different languages, including Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Nynorsk, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Sayang kelihatannya versi bahasa indonesia belum ada.

Coba ini review slax terbaru, tentunya pada tanggal 17 april 2008.