How to add ssh key permanently in mac

This is gold :

    1. ssh-add -K ~/.ssh/[your-private-key]
    2. UseKeychain yes
      AddKeysToAgent yes


Supermoon on the island

Last night I was at one of the Jakarta thousand islands. I rode the bike slowly, letting my face tickled by seashore breeze. Parked the bike near a small pier, left unused by most fishermen here.

The water was turquoise at day, but it was sparkling so beautiful that night. Mesmerizing was understated, together with the wind they could blaze my anger, sadness and loneliness away.

I looked up to the sky, wondering why the water was sparkling beautifully. Enchanted once again, I saw a bright and dazzling moon framed by thin night clouds.


I think I’m longing for a home

Not a home where my family reside

The place where I was born and raised

I’m longing for my home

A place where I can relish my loneliness

Enjoying night with a cup of warm tea while watching TV

Or reading a book with swinging music at the background

Having conversation with night skyline while doing nothing

Such pleasure such home