Basic Software Process Nature

About software process :

The special nature of SPs can be defined as follows:

a) They are complex.

b) They are not typical production processes, since they are exception driven, are strongly affected by highly unpredictable circumstances, and each process has peculiarities that distinguishes it from all others.

c) They are not ‘pure’ engineering processes either, since we do not know the appropriate abstractions, (there is no experimental science behind them), they depend too much on too many people, their design and production are not clearly differentiated, and their budgets, schedules and quality cannot be programmed reliably enough.

d) They are not (entirely) creative processes because some parts can be described in detail while some procedures are previously enforced.

e) They are finding-based and depend on communication, coordination and cooperation within predefined frameworks. Their delivery generates new requirements, the cost of changing software is not usually recognised, and their success depends on user involvement and the coordination of many different roles (sales, technical development, customer, etc.).

Ruiz-González,Francisco; Canfora, Gerardo; “Software Process: Characteristics, Technology and Environments” (PDF), European Journal for the Informatics Professional, 5 (5): 6–10

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