Big Milestone Completed, Next Milestone Ahead


The big things in my life are comprised of hard work, friendship, opportunity, trust and feeling of belonging. I grew up with all of that many times with High School and University period as important milestone for my development. And the time flies

Now I can proudly say that another self development milestone have been completed, today gian.giovani[at] is officially deleted. Today is my last day working in Gameloft JOG Studio, the last part of long journey in Gameloft-vers.

It was started two years Ago, starting from training in January then as Intern, I signed first professional contract at 19th May 2014 and coincidentally I leave at 20th May 2016. My time in Gameloft flies very fast, I got very good opportunity working on 3D graphic stuff, then optimization, the rest is part of history.

Working in global scale organization like Gameloft was very eye opening, this company operates in global scale both organizational and market share. It’s everyday job to work with someone from the other side of the earth with different culture, language and timezone. For my last project I had to work with team in Toronto, Canada with 12 hours time difference.

Global scale market share means Gameloft has the technology and talented people to handle fast changing and demanding market. I learned a lot of things from it, the structure of libraries, the interaction between service, the quality assurance process and how this whole technology and people working together to build games and service around it. Wonderful!

One complete milestone means another milestone is awaiting to be completed. Starting at 1st June 2016, I will work at startup company which operate on online marketplace. This is really new for me, hope it will go really well.

Wish me luck guys!


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