Thought on Visual Studio Code for C++

I was thrilled when Microsoft announced their own open source code editor based on web technology, first thing I had on my mind was intellisense on my Linux box. Now after using it for a while, I have mixed feeling about it but mostly positive.
I have to explain my background, so you can understand my personal bias. I use visual studio for my day to day job handling thousands lines of c++ code, you can count me as happy user of it. Also for my scripting needs (lua, python, batch) I use Notepad++. For years QtCreator is my first to go C++ IDE in my linux, and I hoped Visual Studio Code could replace it.
Visual Studio Code comes with all things you can expect from modern text editor, quick command, keyboard navigation, git integration, code completion, extension repository, etc. It has broad language support with typescript and C# as first class citizen, C++ only gets sintax coloring and bracket matching.
I challenged myself to use it for my simple personal project, and it finished without bloodshed and tears. I must admit that I missed intellisense, ability to jump from declaration to implementation, finding symbol reference, etc. At the end of the project I found that there is extension to power up C++ support, which offers symbol browser and code completion however it doesn’t work for me, since it’s based on gtags I have to run gtags every single time to update symbol database.
There are three features help me to compensate the lack of intellisense, Split view, good file navigation and git integration. Only one thing it needs to be perfect : embedded terminal, I couldn’t find extension to support this feature.


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