Build Visual Studio project / solution using msbuild

There are time when you want to build your visual studio solution from outside visual studio, like building automatically from script. Fortunately, like always Microsoft is very kind to provide us tools for everything and you’re right if you guessed they also provide tools for our case!

MSbuild is main part of build system created by Microsoft for their development environment, and they just made it open source! Visual studio directly use msbuild when handling your solution or project, like cleaning or building your solution. As I said before msbuild is part of vast system so it is quite impossible for me to explain all of it’s functionality, to save time here is the documentation.

However I will give short note about how this tool could be usable for you, at least for building your solution.

Building solution :

msbuild mySolution.sln /t:build,/p:Configuration=Release;Platform=x86 /m

Hey what is that?

/t switch is mainly what will you do to your solution, on that example it builds my solution, here is complex explanation in case you need.

/p switch is basically where we choose specific properties to what to do with /t switch.

/m is for multi process

Then, good evening guys.

Hope it helps


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