SVN external tools in Visual Studio

If you use SVN and Visual Studio in your project, this tips can boost your efficiency.

I frequently use diff, log and blame command via TortoiseSVN context menu, so I have to open file explorer before invoking this command. Visual Studio external command will be really handy for this case. Put your external command in tab context menu or put it in toolbar, I use both :


Tab’s context menu


Toolbar menu

Step :

1. Tools -> External Tools
2. Add new menu contents
3. Use TortoiseProc.exe to invoke svn command.

SVN command Cheat sheet :

Blame :
command -> TortoiseProc.exe
argument -> /command:blame /path:”$(ItemPath)” /line:$(CurLine)

command -> TortoiseProc.exe
argument -> /command:diff /path:”$(ItemPath)”

command -> TortoiseProc.exe
argument -> /command:log /path:”$(ItemPath)”

you can also read about it here :


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