How I Finally Left Shampoo and Jumped to No Poo Method



Some weeks ago I took haircut at barbershop near my office, the barber was really kind. He told me that my hair looked dull and unhealthy. Actually I really aware about it before, I guessed it caused by my shampoo but after I changing shampoo my hair condition was not improved.

Last week I saw my friend post about No Poo Method in Facebook, I always have an idea about my own shampoo but never realize it is really easy. No Poo shampoo is easy method to change our shampooing habit by exchanging chemical shampoo with more natural/friendly substance. We only need baking soda to rinse oil in our hair and scalp and Acid / Vinegar to moisturize.

Many article suggest to use Apple Cider Vinegar to use as moisturizer, but this thing is expensive so I use White Vinegar Instead.


I can not say much about the result, normally we need 2 until 4 weeks to break the old cycle. I just try it once and I love the result, I see no different in my hair except the extra moisture. I love it


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