Be like a pencil

I love one of Paulo Coelho’s article about pencil

Be like a pencil which has 5 quality :
First quality, pencil is capable doing many great things, but is up to the hands which use it. For this point I disagree with Paulo about God’s Hand, Paulo wrote that God’s hand will guide us as a pencil. But for me we must guide our self with God’s help.

Second quality, we must use sharpener periodically, it makes pencil suffer a little. We must learn to bear sorrows and pains for a while, afterward it makes us sharper and ready to continue our journey.

Third quality, pencil always allows erasing out any mistakes. It means that correcting our mistake is not a bad thing to do.

Fourth quality, the most important part of pencil is not the wooden exterior but the graphite inside. So don’t make too much effort to cover bad things inside us but try to correct it as much we can.

Fifth quality, pencil always left marks. So we must conscious that everything we do have consequence, positive or negative.


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