Get Graphic device information in DirectX

This time I work on windows phone 8 application, so i need to learn DirectX. Recently I had to get device information for device profile.

IDXGIDevice *m_DXGIDevice;
 IDXGIAdapter *m_DXGIAdapter;

Unfortunately this code work on windows desktop but not on windows phone.


Update 1 :

As you all know that windows phone 8 DirectX Feature level is 9.3, code above only supported on directX 10 and above. If you run this code in DirectX Feature level 9.3 (dekstop or phone) you will get “Software Driver” in m_adapterInfo.Description value.

Update 2 :

Windows Phone 8.1 brings DirectX 11.2, so you can use this snippet in this windows phone version.


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