So intense “おしゃかしゃま/RADWIMPS(Cover)”


Refleksi hangat malam hari


Di samping remang lampu, bayangan pena ini menari-nari mengikuti lantunan kidung malam. Membelai tipis dari kejauhan wangi minyak kayu putih yang menguap hangat dari tungku aroma terapi di ujung ruangan. Malam ini telah terkondisikan semua indra untuk merasakan hangat. Secangkir teh hijau hangat dan selimut tebal tak ketinggalan.

Pelan-pelan kubenamkan pikiran, kujauhkan dari segala hiruk-pikuk keseharian. Kuhempas keras pikiranku untuk terbang tinggi bersama jiwa, hingga dapat melihat dunia lebih luas. Jauh terbebas dari dunia kecil yang tercipta oleh keseharian.

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I’m too tired romantizing all the things about you

That dream was finally blown away today

When the dreamer decided to end all the effort, killing all the hopes and turning off all the signal. Nothing left to be desired, nothing gone to be chased. At the end of the day sun will rest and moon will rise like yesterday, today and tomorrow.

drown in a jar full of nuts

no one love to be left unnoticed

someone said it’s kinda taste like mixed bag of nuts

except that I love every kind of nuts


being unnoticed means more time to be drown by solitudity

more time to eat all gross food I like

more time to sleep until my arm aching

more time to nurture my disgusting and dirty imagination

more time thinking about being left unnoticed


it’s just like you leaves and I am staying

it’s just like you forget and I am being forgotten

it’s just like you are trying and I am giving up

it’s just like you are write a book and I am throwing all the memories

it’s just like you miss me and I’m being missed by you

gRPC is cool. Then what?


What is the most popular RPC right know? I would say restful with JSON. It is flexible, easy to test, using very common http stack and easy to do versioning. Then comes gRPC, offering more efficient network usage, faster serialization and deserialization and has good versioning support. I will not cover how to create basic service and the implementation, but will talk instead about using gRPC alongside existing restful API and doing versioning on gRPC.

In restful API there are routing and handler function which handle incoming request and responds it back. Another common practice is to have middleware to do pre or postprocessing on the request like logging and sanitizing. The question is could we use these existing functionality to work on our new gRPC service?
Everything is possible in engineering, but how big the changes is? It’s depending on your existing code.

Make it work together

This is common go webservice structure, or at least this is my favorite way to organize my code.


Inside route.go is http routing in this app, may looks like this :

router := httprouter.New()
router.GET("/student/:id", student.GetIDHandler)
router.GET("/schedule/:id", schedule.GetIDHandler)

Then we will have two services on the gRPC which has their getID procedure.

service student {
 rpc getID(studentMessage) returns (idResponse){}

service schedule {
 rpc getID(scheduleMessage) returns (idResponse){}

On the go side we can do service multiplexing on the same connection for both services, let’s put it on gRPCServer.go . Continue reading